Lugares que gustaría ir a

13 Apr

Trying hard to speak Spanish, I hope the translation is right but it only means, “places I like to go to”. It’s been a long time since I’ve stuck in our house. Though I sometimes go out with my family and some friends, I missed the times I would go out on my own. I used to date myself when I’m stressed, only a few people knows this. I love going to groceries by myself, call it weird but it’s relaxing roaming around the store, looking for some new food to explore. I love to eat but doesn’t show in the body. I love going to the bookstore, finding books to read though sometimes I end up buying nothing. When I’m angry, I would go to arcade and play basketball to release the tension inside my head or play dance revolution and the “hand” dance revolution (I don’t know what do they call that game), I do play daytona car racing too.

Now, I have a “goal” to go to these places, when God forbids that I can go out on my own again.

Ride the Pasig River Ferry. I’ve been talking about this for years. Still wasn’t able to go to. Laging may aberya eh. This is the ultimate goal. Someday.

Watch a PBA basketball game at Araneta. I used to watch basketball games at Araneta but only during college league. I hope I could watch one. Any teams will do, I just want to feel the rush!

Food trip in Binondo. I experienced this kind of trip before and it’s fun to do it again. And try to go to some places we didn’t go to during the last trip. There’s still a lot of restaurants to explore in Binondo and indeed historical.

Mind Museum. I used to glance at the spot where they’ve been building the museum before. I thought I would come to the opening but unluckily I wasn’t able to. I was fascinated by the advertisement and I’m curious how it differs with the other museums.

Science Discovery Center in MOA. Call me childish but it’s fun to explore science. Who says learning stops when you’re old?!

Star City. This is so epic. We’ve plan to go here about a couple of times but ends up to nothing. I’m praying that one day our plans will pursue. Fail.

Baywalk. One of the places I also go to when I’m stressed out. It’s relieving to see the sun set though the smell is not nice, it’s tolerable. And the people roaming around makes you feel you’re not alone.

Avilon Zoo. I really love going to zoo. I love the feeling of being with animals.

I’m not selfish on this trip, if you want to join me, just text me. Hahaha! 🙂

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